Thursday, September 8, 2011

Looks Like Diablo 3 Beta Is In The Wild

It's in the hands of the lucky people who were sent beta keys. Goddamn, that's a great feeling. Watching video streams of people playing something you've worked so hard on for many years is pretty awesome. Felicia Day seems to be happy with it. 

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-Kalen Chock- said...

i sent you this message on fb but then realized it seems like you are never on this so i thought id send it here

so me and paul richards were talking about how people from nothern california are usually cooler than people from southern california. And I was like "there was this one dude that came to sketch group a lot his name was Anthony something i dont' remeber his last name , but he was from northern california and he was a super cool guy to talk and chill with" and then paul was like "Anthony Rivero" and I was like yeah I think thats him , and then he proceeded to draw you , and then I immediately knew we were talking about the same person then proceeded to talk about how cool you were hahah. anyways that is the end of my story. Just thought I should share if you run into paul when he gets backs from spain you should ask to see his drawing he did of you from memory haha