Sunday, March 21, 2010


I've been doing quite a bit of life drawing lately. It's been an effort to improve my fundamentals and also get out of the house AND the office so I can hang out with other artists. I really feel like I'm improving and also getting some much needed social nourishment down here in Southern California. Being an artist can be a pretty isolating endeavor sometimes, especially when you've relocated from another city. Even though I work in a studio with other artists I feel the need to step out of that world sometimes and meet with artists from different industries - just be creative in a new environment, get new perspectives on art, etc. I can't recommend it enough.

With the internet, art related web forums, and social networking sites, it's pretty easy to find life drawing and sketch meetups in your area. Find some for yourself and sharpen those pencils. You'll improve your skills and meet some cool people. Keep facebook browsing to a minimum, though. That site is detrimental if you're not careful in how you use it. Before you know it you'll get sucked into Farmville or endlessly browsing old friend's photos. Not good.


Armando said...

These last few posts are really cool.

Anthony S Rivero said...

Thanks, Armando!... dude, your profile pic is really disturbing.